Clinics We Offer


Asthma Checks, Smoking Cessation & Diabetes Appointments

Make an appointment with the nurse in normal surgery hours.      


Baby Clinic

Monday 1pm to 3pm

Family Planning

We offer a wide range of family planning advice and care.  Please make an appointment at the reception.


We recommend that all women between 25 - 50 have a smear every 3 years and between 50-65 every 5 years. You should receive a letter from the Health Authority reminding you that your smear is due. However if you think your smear is overdue, do not hesitate to ask.   Please make an appointment at the reception with one of the nurses.


Immunisation Advice

  • Babies and children: They can receive their immunisations at the Well Baby Clinic or from the practice nurses.
  • Adults:If you have never had tetanus protection you will need a full course of three, and a possible booster after 10 years.
  • Holidays:Some holiday immunisations take a few months to complete, so tell us well in advance, so that we can plan and complete your immunisation in time.